We create
designs & artwork

inspired by astrology

We are a brother and sister team

I am an astrology enthusiast and Ben is a creative designer…

I have the ideas and Ben brings them to life!


Personalised prints

Our aim is to create artwork that looks beautiful when displayed in your home, artwork that is personal and artwork that could lead to a little more personal discovery.

We select the best paper for your each particular print.

Printed using archival quality, Fine Art Trade Guild approved printers, inks and papers.




90% of this unique, eco friendly paper is made from resource saving bamboo fibres, this produces a warm-toned and soft felt surface. The premium coating results in an impressive print quality, giving artwork outstanding expression and soul, while delivering excellent results with defined reproduction of colour and detail


70% of this unique, eco friendly paper is made from resource saving agave sisal fibres, cotton makes up the remaining 30%. Its delicately defined texture gives the subject a captivating sense of depth and impresses with a pleasant, soft feel


We wanted you to be able to personalise this piece of art to display not only your Sun sign, but your own primal triad: Sun Sign, Moon Sign and Rising Sign.

The primal triad are the three placements that have the greatest influence on personality.

The unique zodiac symbol designs in the centre of the three circles will be personalised with matching personalised text underneath.


We’ve never felt that astrology is a rule book that tells you who you are or can predict your future. But if you keep an open mind, it can promote self-discovery and set you on a more aligned path.

Agree or disagree, if you’re discussing astrology, a conversation about human nature has begun and you are taking a journey into self-exploration…

Thats the magic!!


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Because we consider that our connection to the world and universe is a huge part of astrology and is something we feel strongly about, wherever possible we will make eco-friendly and sustainable choices.


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